Here's a list of a few personal projects that I've worked on...


A Bomberman clone with a lot of history. A project started to further my programming skills. More detail later.


Started as the result of an in-joke and an idea I had. Frustrated at how frequently you needed to log in to many online games to do trivial and routine actions, I thought it would be a good idea if there was a game that... played itself. I came up with a prototype in PHP that largely amounted to a random number generator that would choose humourous situations (like solving a Rubik's cube to find treasure, falling down hidden pits, and having your kneecaps being bitten off by a badger).

Later I would add the potential for different dungeons, and travel across a map.

I made this with the idea of it being in the mould of games like IdleRPG. Slowly the idea developed into a fantasy where it would actually simulate adventures, as well as parties of adventurers and their behaviour. It's now reached its current state as a rather detailed adventurer simulator that still incorporates the detailed commentary that was originally aimed for.


A team project created at LeedsHack 2013. Written almost from scratch in C++ within 24 hours. The source is available on GitHub.

More detail later.